Tesla’s controversial Cybertruck has a long queue of customers, according to an online reservation tracker created by fans. But will those 1.25 million orders turn into a reality?

The Tesla Cybertruck reportedly has 1.25 million orders before the first example has rolled off the production line, according to a report by InsideEVs.com, citing a reservation tracker built by fans.

With each customer placing a fully refundable deposit of $150 – including from Australia – it means Tesla has pocketed $187.5 million just from deposits alone.

Teslarati has calculated should all 1,256,487 orders be filled, it would deliver Tesla $79.78 billion in revenue.

The fan-built order tracker claims 17,000 orders have been placed for the Tesla Cybertruck in the past week alone, and 250,000 people have since up since May 2021.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s on sale date in the US has been pushed back a couple of times and is now believed to be pushed back again due to restrictions in the number of battery cells Tesla needs for each vehicle.

Although Tesla did not say so explicitly, during its recent earnings call when investors, analysts and media, the company indicated the Cybertruck would go into production either late this year or some time in 2022.

Tesla is yet to confirm plans to bring the Cybertruck to Australia, however the vehicle appears on the local website and local buyers are invited to place a $150 deposit.

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