The ride and handling also complement the impressive engine performance. This car did not have the air suspension, but rather had active dampeners. The suspension can be set to comfort or sport settings, which are noticeably, but not dramatically, different. Comfort is able to cope well with poor road surfaces, smoothing out road imperfections, while the sport setting firms the car up, helping to make it more “sporty”. And speaking of sporting driving, the car feels very satisfying and engaging to drive. The steering, while a bit numb (which personally doesn’t bother me), is direct and it is easy to place the car on the road. Body roll is well-controlled, and the car has heaps of grips, which along with the superb braking ability gives you a lot of confidence in the twisties. The xDrive system is noticeably rear wheel biased, further adding to the occasion. Its driving dynamics really can help make the car feel for a moment that it is a sedan, or a hot hatch even.

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