This winter season, Nieman Marcus is getting into the true meaning of Christmas by offering a bunch of seriously expensive stuff in its annual holiday catalog. There’s usually at least one automotive offering, and this year it’s a 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 for an eye-watering $285,000. That’s $172,405 more than the regular Edition 1 crab-walker, which is priced by GMC at $112,595.

And what does one get for more than 2.5 times the cost of the most expensive electric Hummer? Well, hold your 1,000 horses, because this isn’t just any Hummer EV Edition 1. No, it’s a one-off Barrett-Jackson Hummer EV Edition 1. The interior of this Barrett-Jackson edition Hummer has been “curated” by Craig Jackson himself. And by curated, they mean it has a bunch of red trim everywhere and is garnished with a Neiman Marcus logo. Aside from that, there is nothing appreciably different about it. No performance upgrades, no special paint job. You do get an electric charging station at home, though, which might be the most useful addition to this whole enterprise.

If that’s not worth the price of an entire 1.5 extra Hummers to you, there’s more. You get two VIP passes for the opening gala of the Barrett-Jackson auctions in exotic Scottsdale, Ariz. During the auction, you’ll get access for two to Carolyn and Craig Jackson’s personal skybox from where you can watch 1,500 cars trade hands. But don’t get too comfy, because at some point you’ll be invited on stage to receive your Hummer EV in front of a gaggle of inebriated fishing boat dealership owners. Oh, and you’ll also get to bang the little auction hammer.

You can pair the Hummer with other gifts in Nieman Marcus’ “fantasy” catalog, like a $6.1 million dollar diamond ring. However, if you go with the $395,000 Great Gatsby-style roaring ’20s party, make sure it doesn’t end with the 9,000-pound Hummer Daisy Buchanan-ing any bystanders.

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