My previous car was a 17 year old Outback H6. I loved it, but my wife never did. Perhaps the final straw was when, although she had put it in reverse, it actually went forwards. This made her attempt to manoeuvre the car in a public car park both difficult and highly embarrassing. Very disturbing for her I suppose, but this never happened to me. It turns out that it had been running with an empty radiator for quite a long time and this was the only, if admittedly rather concerning, effect. Once fixed it was fine again, but she insisted that it had to go. I agreed to replace it but, to her horror, I got another Outback as a replacement.

I love the Outback’s smooth and powerful 6-cylinder boxer engine coupled with its CVT transmission. I don’t understand why people don’t like this kind of transmission. It’s far more efficient than traditional automatic transmission and there’s none of this droning noise that people complain about. It’s more comfortable than the old one for long journeys and much better equipped, with all the active cruise control and various warning beeps you get when, for example, you cross the old painted over white lines you find in Sydney (the only lines that show up at night when it’s raining).

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