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Titan Motorsports.

While the bulk of Titan’s business is actually parts distribution for (primarily) turbocharged Japanese and European cars, they’ve built themselves some pretty impressive demo machines over the years, often featuring parts developed in-house or in conjunction with their partners.

2021 Titan Motorsports CSF Speedhunters by Yaheem Murph-49

A business which started in the bedroom of brothers Nero and Bottle Deliwala to fund a MkIV Supra build, has become a name synonymous with very, very fast cars. The ethos of these cars has stemmed from the passion of the workforce, and Titan Motorsport’s fascination with a minimalist and lightweight approach to building cars. Incidentally, this ethos was based on the staff’s personal experiences of building their own Hondas.

There will be a separate story to come later this month where we will explore Titan’s history with the 2JZ, but for this feature we want to keep our focus on the B58 and its future potential.

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To get some insight on how they have fared so far with their own A90 Supra, I recently spoke with Wes Bourne from Titan Motorsport.

While the A90 Supra is still in its infancy according to Wes, that hasn’t stopped Titan from extracting an 8.93-second quarter mile at 152mph from it. Their A90 was the first in the world to dip into the 8-second range when it did so in late 2020.

2021 Titan Motorsports A90 Supra CSF Race-04

With Pure800 turbos, a Titan Motorsports down pipe and fuel system, along with port injection and nitrous, the B58 made over 800hp and 700ft-lb at the time with factory displacement. After that event, Titan took the motor apart for the first time and found that the componens inside were practically as new, despite 120+ dyno runs, street pulls and timed runs at the drag strip on a stock crank.

2021 Titan Motorsports A90 Supra CSF Race-08

With the knowledge gained from that inspection, Titan are now working towards the next evolution of their car and are confident of a 7-second pass with further upgrades. They still face some environmental challenges, however.

As they’re based in Orlando, Titan Motorsport have to contend with high temperatures and humidity in the summer, and rain throughout the winter. This means there is only a narrow window if opportunity to put some passes on the board in conditions conducive to quick ETs.

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One of the upgrades which they hope will get them into the sevens is CSF’s new Super Manifold for the second-generation B58, as found in the A90 Supra and G-Series BMW.

The intake manifold features a larger and more efficient water-to-air intercooler which has seen a drop of ~30°F in intake air temperatures along with quicker recovery, a lower pressure drop across the system and several other significant features which benefit performance and practicality.

2021 Titan Motorsports A90 Supra CSF Race-03

CSF have recently added an optional nitrous hard-line kit created in conjunction with Nitrous Express to take advantage of the individual nitrous/methanol ports on the intake. Our friends at MotoIQ were recently able to perform a performance evaluation on the intake, which you can read about here.

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What is likely the largest limitation of the B58 setup currently is the transmission, or rather the transmission’s electronics and software calibrations, which at the moment cannot be modified by the aftermarket. This means that the 8-speed ZF gearbox cannot be adapted with different shift points or rev limits.

Once this proverbial cookie is cracked, we should see times tumble even further.

2021 Titan Motorsports CSF Speedhunters by Yaheem Murph-131

Perhaps the most impressive part of all this, is that Titan Motorsport’s 8-second A90 Supra is still regularly street driven, and with some simple setup changes can be used comfortably on a circuit, too.

Titan’s focus for the time being is still on developing the Supra for the street, with plans for a pro-race car in the future.

2021 Titan Motorsports CSF Speedhunters by Yaheem Murph-125

It was 2018 when we first saw the A90 Supra fully revealed. It took less than two years from this moment for the aftermarket to run these cars at more than double the stock power output and into the eights on the drag strip with much, much more to come.

Whatever your feelings on Toyota’s collaboration project with BMW, you cannot the deny the performance potential of it.

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