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Tesla is poised to begin sharing sales numbers on a more regular basis in Australia, say industry insiders, after the electric-car specialist was caught fudging its numbers and issuing incorrect data earlier in the year.

Electric-car specialist Tesla is reportedly on the brink of releasing monthly sales numbers in Australia – after being busted issuing incorrect data earlier this year.

The US electric-car specialist – which rarely discloses its sales figures voluntarily – is expected to start sharing its data with Australia’s industry statisticians, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), which tracks the number of vehicles sold across all brands.

Industry sources told Drive Tesla Australia has agreed in principal to begin sharing sales data on a more regular basis this year.

Tesla sales numbers in New Zealand, the US, and parts of Europe are readily available because those regions have better access to up-to-date registration data

Tesla’s decision to supply sales numbers in Australia would represent a sharp turnaround after it was caught issuing inflated figures to media outlets earlier this year.

Most mainstream media and motoring websites ran the inflated Tesla sales figures, even though Drive had published exclusive registration data the prior week that showed the number of Tesla cars sold in Australia was closer to 12,000 – rather than 15,000 as falsely claimed by Tesla.

After being accused of inflating its sales figures, Tesla issued an apology and a correction 24 hours after the incorrect data was widely published.

Tesla Australia claimed it had inadvertently provided sales data from two calendar years – rather than one – and blamed the gaffe on human error.

The anticipated inclusion of monthly sales data from Tesla – the biggest seller of electric cars in Australia – will enable policymakers and the rest of the automotive industry to more accurately track the roll-out of the emerging technology.

Tesla’s strong sales performance would also knock some well-established luxury brands down the leaderboard.

It is unclear when Tesla will start sharing its sales data on a more regular basis in Australia.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries routinely shares the previous month’s new-car sales on the third working day of each month.

Drive contacted two Tesla Australia executives via text message for comment on this story, but the company has a policy of not responding to media enquiries.

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