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Starting in the early 1960s, Citroën started considering potential variations of the DS with a prototype called ‘S’. Then in ‘68 Citroën, acquired Maserati and with the company came their exclusive Italian sports engines.


The ‘S’ was given a Maserati heart and the ‘SM’ was born. In 1970, the new car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.


The company wanted to join the GT car market. Jaguar, Chevrolet, Aston Martin and Ford were all pumping out beastly machines with elegant designs, and Citroën wanted to demonstrate that they could do the same in their own  specific way.


For France, the SM became a symbol of progress and design. Its body was developed in a wind tunnel (which was new automotive technology in the ‘70s), it had air conditioning and was fully loaded with comfort amenities inside the cabin.


Unlike other GTs at the time, the SM featured hydraulic-powered self-leveling suspension, self-centering steeringand of course the 170hp V6 Maserati engine under the hood.


Unfortunately, only 12,920 SMs were produced in the ‘70s. Well-liked, elegant, and powerful for the time, the Citroën SM is one of the best.

Sara Ryan
Instagram: pockowokosara

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