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One of the world’s only carbon-fibre wheel manufacturers is ramping up production and extending its capabilities.

Carbon Revolution is an Australian-owned company which manufactures wheels wholly from carbon fibre in Geelong, Victoria.

The brand is an international success story, having secured lucrative contracts to supply Australian-made carbon-fibre wheels to brands such as Ferrari, Ford and General Motors (Chevrolet).

The company has been manufacturing carbon-fibre wheels since 2007, and has just produced its 50,000th wheel in Australia.

It means there’s now over 10,000 vehicles around the world equipped with carbon-fibre wheels spun in Australia.

Speaking to Drive about the milestone, Engineering and Design Director for Carbon Revolution, Dr Ashely Denmead, said: “We’re proud to have made 50,000 wheels in Geelong.

“50,000 wheels represents the culmination of over a decade of work to develop, commercialise and industrialise our lightweight carbon fibre wheel technology.”

Future projects for the technology-focused company include manufacturing large 23- and-24-inch wheels for a mass-production “electric truck”.

Carbon Revolution claims its 24-inch carbon “truck” wheel is half the weight of an aluminium equivalent.

“We’re really excited about the future. We are developing larger wheels which you’ll see on electric vehicles, SUVs and pickup trucks. We’ll have more to say about that soon,” concluded Denmead.

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