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Toyota Australia has confirmed its TGRA 86 one-make race series will be expanded and supported until 2026.

Toyota Australia has confirmed its support for Australian grassroots motorsport by extending and expanding its Toyota Gazoo Racing Australia 86 one-make race series, ahead of the launch of the second-generation Toyota GR86 sports car.

Established in 2016, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Australia 86 series – formerly known as the Toyota 86 Racing Series – is a one-make Australian racing championship comprised of ‘original’ 86 sports coupes.

Currently the TGRA 86 race series requires entrants to purchase a new or used Toyota 86 road vehicle, purchase the required ‘control’ race parts in a kit, then have the vehicle assembled to meet the regulations.

Speaking to media at a preview event for the upcoming 2022 Toyota GR86 sports car, Toyota’s head of marketing Vin Niadoo confirmed that “we [Toyota] will support the category until the end of 2026”.

“With an oversubscribed grid of 76 vehicles, and a new Toyota GR86 on the way, we’re also going to extend the program to get more people out on track”.

From 2024, the second-generation Toyota GR86 coupe will be able to be purchased from Neal Bates Motorsport as a turn-key race car.

Currently, privateers must buy their own vehicle, purchase a complete parts kit, then assemble the vehicle themselves or via a third party. This new vehicle will form a top-tier invite-only race series.

From 2023, the TGRA 86 race series will include a second, “scholarship” racing class, where previous-generation Toyota 86 race cars can still compete.

After a series of racing, the top drivers of the scholarship series will undergo evaluation in a one-day event to earn themselves a spot in the invite-only top tier division.

Since its inception in 2017, the TGRA 86 race series has successfully brewed local racing talent.

Series winner in 2016, Will Brown, has gone on to race in the Supercars Championship under Erebus Motorsport, and rising star Cameron Hill has made his way into Porsche Carrera Cup sports car racing as a result of entering the TGRA 86 championship.

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