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Whilst the kit may have changed, the wheel choice has been consistent. Legendary in VIP circles, the SSR Vienna Kreis measure 18×10-inch front and rear, but with staggered offsets of ET-2 and -9 respectively. Adnan built the Viennas to his ideal wheel specs, but they were not going to fit without some modifications under the skin. A combination of SerialNine and T-Demand control arms, wishbones and shortened front spindles have allowed the SSRs to tuck under the arches on compression. I say ‘on compression’ and not ‘aired out’ because Adnan originally ran the car static, on coilovers.

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He was a die-hard until the day he picked the LS up from the bodyshop with the freshly-fitted body kit, painted in BMW Individual Ruby Black and Audi Daytona Grey two-tone. The front bumper was toast by the time he got home.

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Adnan has since converted to an Air Lift Performance 3H suspension system, set up in this case to drive as low as possible but to air up on rougher roads. With the effort it took to acquire the Junction Produce body kit, I’m not surprised.

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Germany is home to one of the strictest road worthiness tests in the world: TÜV. Every part, ride height, camber angle degree must be certified. If not, your plates get taken until you put the car back to stock. That means no driving the car at all. Companies pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of Euros to get parts tested and TÜV approved for sale and use in Germany and Austria. Junction Produce is not one of those companies. Adnan was determined to run this kit however, whatever the cost, and was available to find a “workaround”. 

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The über-rare exhaust system is TÜV certified as a ‘BBK VIP’ exhaust – Adnan’s own brand he’s set up for the sole purpose of registering certain parts. Those exhaust tips are certainly Fabulous, aren’t they?

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The same applies for the wheels. SSR Viennas were never made for the German market, but they are, however, a similar design to MAE Crown Jewels by O.Z. Racing. If you take the centre caps off, they look almost identical, especially with ‘O.Z.’ engraved between the wheel bolts…

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I won’t share the final cost of the build, it’s not my place to, but it is substantial. When people find out much it is, they ask why Adnan didn’t just buy an AMG, or an M5, or a Supra. His answer is the same every time: “Because I wanted an LS.”

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Adnan really has gone all-out to build his dream car. His eyes genuinely lit up when I approached him the evening prior and asked if it was a Junction Produce kit, and we got talking about the VIP scene. It’s just such a niche choice of car in Germany, that it’s not understood by the car community.

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This is a car that was built solely by a man for himself; Adnan doesn’t seek recognition for it. This is his daily driver and he’s never trailered it anywhere. He just uses it to get around, to go hang out with his mates, visit family and enjoy driving.

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As I was shooting the car, Adnan came up to me and apologised about the car’s lack of fog lights. “They’re in my storage. If I thought anything like this would happen, I would have fitted them; I just came here for holiday.” He wasn’t even in Wörthersee to attend any shows or to hit any hot spots. He just heard it was a cool place to visit and see some nice cars, so he got his friends and cruised down in his dream machine. That is car culture for all the right reasons. Not too much stress, just enjoying it with the right people.

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I have a lot of respect for Adnan and story behind the LS. That’s why it was my favourite car from my trip to Wörthersee, bar none.

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