More photos of the 2022 Ford Maverick at a dealer meeting have emerged. They show two variants of a bed topper, one of which we saw earlier this year in spy shots, in a variety of colors.

A large gallery of images with the bed cap have been posted to MaverickTruckClub, along with other accessories like seat covers. This is a dealer meeting, so you know these add-ons will be of some interest to those in charge of your Monroney.

The bed cap comes in two variants, a windowed version like the one seen in spy photos called the Sport, and a window-less version called the SnugPro for work trucks. They appear to be manufactured by Snug Top, a popular bed topper company based out of Long Beach, California. According to the forum, the Sport will cost $3,449 while the SnugPro will sticker at $3,029.

Interior shots of the Sport look quite nice inside, with a dark liner that seems like it would insulate and absorb vibrations well, a far cry from the bed toppers of old. An LED light strip helps with visibility, and the windows can be popped out about two inches for some ventilation. It comes in 10 colors to match the exterior paint of the Maverick itself.

The commercial-oriented SnugPro comes with access doors on each side and at the rear. They locks seem sturdy and are visible from afar, lest n’er-do-wells get any ideas before they even approach your truck.

Both are nicely shaped with a small overhang at the rear, likely for aerodynamics and to have a bit of weather protection as well.

With the Maverick starting at $20,000, these bed caps cost as much as 17 percent of the cost of the entire vehicle. However, with the factory fit of an official accessory, it might be worth the price. Or, we’ll just have to see what the aftermarket has in store for what will surely be a popular platform at SEMA next year. More photos can be seen at

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