More about the controls. Firstly, there are the standard selectable settings of Economy, Standard and Sports modes. The names are self-explanatory but the functionality of Economy mode means the DSG transmission keeps revs as low as possible, and hence the economy and associated meek performance. Standard is very handy for longer drives, and gives much more response. I find that this also seeks out a higher gear, which can be frustrating if one is trying to take a gap and suddenly loses torque. Sport mode does the opposite, and the transmission holds revs into the 4000rpm to 5000rpm range. This mode provides top performance and of course worst economy… but that is of little concern if you want a performance hit. The final mode is Individual, meaning that the driver can set (best done before driving of course!) a number of parameters (such as suspension), from Comfort to Sport. This allows for a customised setting to be tailored for the driver.

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