The RS has done a great job of carting the baby and all their baby gear around. Size and practicality have been fantastic, with tonnes of space in the boot for the pram, shopping, baby bags and ‘stuff’. There are a few neat touches that have helped like the bag hooks in the boot, and the velcro separators that stick to the floor so things don’t slide around in the boot.

Driving performance is pretty good too. It has more than enough power to provide a bit of entertainment when no one other than me is on board, and the ride is firm but not jolting. It’s a lot smoother than my old GTI and importantly the baby is quite happy sleeping in the back (if only he were so happy sleeping in his bed). I really like the stop-start function, although I know a lot of people seem to hate it and deactivate it entirely. But it’s easy to control – press the brake firmly when stopped and the engine cuts out, press it lightly while stopped and the engine stays running so you can pull away quickly if you need to… easy!

I have been a bit disappointed in the reliability, although maybe I’ve just been unlucky. I found oil in the coolant a few weeks back which has meant a replacement of transmission and oil coolers (though I’m still not 100% sure it’s fixed), the coolant reservoir cap failed, resulting in most of the coolant gushed out. The touchscreen on the stereo sometimes has a ‘fit’ and randomly clicks itself all over the screen. Otherwise it’s been okay, and nothing terrible.

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