Five primary factors contributing to Australia’s annual road toll were highlighted in the report.

Poor quality roads are one major contributor to Australia’s annual motorist death toll, according to a new government report.

Data from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics reveals approximately 1200 people lose their lives on Australian roads each year.

The federal 2022 Joint Select Committee on Road Safety was established to identifying the primary factors driving these deaths, and outline strategies to improve safety.

According to the report, national road faults include poor design, repair flaws, inadequate safety treatments, and insufficient infrastructure for vulnerable road users (including pedestrians and cyclists).

Rural roads were singled out as particularly dangerous, with data showing a heightened fatality rate in regional areas.

The report quotes the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA), stating: “Rural roads are often loose, unsealed, and potholed, and poorly engineered, with inadequate lighting and few safety barriers.

“These conditions combine to contribute to the unacceptable level of road safety hospitalisations and deaths of rural road users … Upgrading, sealing, and regularly maintaining the quality of roads will play a significant role in reducing people’s risk of injury.”

According to the Joint Select Committee’s report, other significant factors contributing to the road toll include dated safety features in vehicles, inappropriate speed limits, poor driver education, and ineffective post-crash response and trauma support.

You can read the full 2022 Joint Select Committee on Road Safety report by clicking here.

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